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Drift Bike

Drift Bike

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Key Features

  • Speed: 10-28km/h 
  • Autonomy: Up to 12.5 km
  • Motor: High−torque, direct−drive hub motor
  • Throttle: Variable, Twist−grip
  • Brake: Electronic
  • Frame: Steel, torsion
  • Fork: Double crown
  • Fairings: Shatter−resistant polymer
  • Handlebars: Riser−style
  • Grips: Soft rubber
  • Front Wheel: High−impact pneumatic tire
  • Rear Wheels: Dual−inclined, caster wheels
  • Footbeds: Rubber
  • Battery: 36V 4.4HA Lithium Battery
  • Charging time 1-2 hours , maximum range 14-20km
  • Maximum load: 80kg
  • Wheel: solid front wheel rear wheel (pu)

*Recommend child height 132cm and above*



DON’T fear the  DRIFT MEANIE MACHINE, this wee weapon can be set at different settings this can to ensure safety for children and to suit all age groups....

Setting 1 - SLOW & STEADY
*starting gear*

*confidence builder*

Setting 3 - FAST & FURIOUS
*for the fully confident child - ready for some dare devil fun*

Helmets would be advised for wearing with this  DRIFT MEANIE MACHINE. Children’s safety 1st.


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